Congratulations Class of 2021!

Below you will find details to help you prepare for a successful day out at the ballpark!



What are various COVID protocol guidelines that will be implemented?

  • Mobile Ticketing/Physical Distancing: Tickets will be distributed electronically to each graduate prior to the ceremony. The graduate will then have the opportunity to transfer the mobile tickets to his/her family members that will be in attendance. Each set of tickets will be set up in a “pod” physically distanced from the next pod. All pods must be of members of the same household, and in-state attendees only. Upon entry, family members will pull up their mobile device to scan. Guests are encouraged to maintain a 6-ft distance between themselves and anyone outside of their household beginning at gate entrance line and once inside the stadium. Congregating is discouraged. 

  • Face Coverings: Use of face coverings is mandatory throughout the stadium in all settings for anyone 2 years and older. Masks must be covering the nose and mouth at all times unless actively eating or drinking in assigned seats. Sutter Health Park will encourage all guests and employees to bring and wear an appropriate face covering while inside the ballpark.

  • Cashless Facility: Sutter Health Park and the parking lots it operates will not accept cash. Credit/Debit card, and other forms of electronic payment will only be accepted.

  • Food and Beverage Options: Eating and drinking will be permitted in assigned seats only. Concourse concessions will be open for food and beverage purchase

  • Clear Bag Policy: For the safety of our security staff and guests, to avoid touching attendees’ personal items, Sutter Health Park is enforcing a small clear bag policy and ask guests to open their own bags for inspection. If guests come with a bag that is not clear, they will be asked to bring it back to their vehicle. All guests will pass through our metal detector upon entry as well. See below for a visual on which clear bags will be permitted.


Mobile Ticket Management Tutorial

Step-by-step Guide for Managing & Transferring Your Ceremony Tickets

START BY LOGGING IN (graduate step)

Managing your tickets can be done on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Visit:

  • Be sure to use the email address you provided Sutter Health Park for your tickets. If you don’t already have a Ticketmaster account linked to the email address used, then click “Forgot Password” and you can create a password for this account, then log-in to transfer your tickets.

  • You may also need to click “sign up” if for some reason the Forgot Password step does not work for you.


Note: “Reset Password” email will be coming from:

  • COVID 19 Symptoms: Please refrain from attending any Sutter Health Park event if you are sick, have a fever or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if in the last week you believe you may have been exposed to or came into close contact with anyone who has COVID-19. By entering the gates on the designated graduation date, you acknowledge that: you have not had any of the following symptoms in the last 10 days: Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell. You have not had contact with a person known to be infected with or suspected to have COVID-19 with the past 10 days.

Can I bring balloons/signs/noisemakers to celebrate my graduate?

None of the above will be permitted inside the gates at Sutter Health Park.

How much does it cost to park?

Parking is $5 per vehicle for all Sutter Health Park operated lots. Upon entry, you must pay via credit card, debit card, or prepaid parking pass. For ease of access, parking may be purchased in advance by clicking the following link for your school. If purchasing a parking pass, all sales are final and will not be refundable should you not use your pass.

Rosemont High School

Luther Burbank High School

West Campus High School

John F. Kennedy High School

Hiram Johnson High School

What time do the Parking Lots open?

Parking lots will open 1 hour prior to when gates open for the ceremony. Timeline as follows:


9:00am Parking Lots Open

10:00am Gates Open

11:00am Ceremony Starts

12:30pm Ceremony Ends


4:00pm Parking Lots Open

5:00pm Gates Open

6:00pm Ceremony Starts

7:30pm Ceremony Ends

Once I park, where do I go?

Graduates will enter through our Right Field Gate at the corner of Riverfront Street and Ballpark Drive. All other guests/family members will enter through the main gates at Sutter Health Park. See below for an arrival map.

Parking Lot Map.jpg

Where can I meet my graduate after the ceremony?

Guests will be asked to leave the stadium in an orderly fashion post-ceremony. Your graduate will be exiting through the same gate that they entered at the corner of Riverfront Street and Ballpark Drive. Due to COVID-19 guidance, congregation post-ceremony is HIGHLY discouraged. To reunite with your graduate, you may find them along Ballpark Drive, or designate a spot within the parking lot to meet.

Does my baby need a ticket to enter?

Children 2 and older will need a ticket to enter the ballpark Children under 2 years old may enter the ballpark without a ticket, and will need to sit on an adult's lap through the duration of the ceremony. 

Step 1.png
Step 3.png
Step 4.png

MANAGING TICKETS (graduate step)

To view your ceremony tickets, click “Manage My Events”


Transferring your tickets can be done on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Not all of your guests will need to have an individual ticket if arriving together. You may send all tickets to one person if everyone within your pod of tickets will be coming through the gates together. That one person will have all tickets to scroll through for scanning at the gates.


  • If guests are arriving separately, you will want to send to each person that arrives individually. Steps to transfer tickets, below.

ACCEPTING TRANSFERRED TICKETS (graduate’s guests’ step)

Accepting tickets can be done on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Though, it is recommended to accept tickets using a mobile phone to easily and quickly add them to mobile wallet at the time of acceptance.

  • Once tickets have been transferred, the guest will receive an email from

  • By accepting transferred tickets, guests attest that each person receiving a ticket in their designated pod are of the same household, and residents of California. 

  • Once you have accepted your tickets, be sure to add each of them to your mobile wallet for quick and easy entrance into the stadium the day of the ceremony. (This avoids the need to log-in through this same process the day of the event to access your tickets)

VIEW TICKETS IN YOUR MOBILE WALLET (graduate’s guests’ step)

Step 5.PNG
Step 6.png
Step 7.png